Background Checks

Here are some more advantages associated with doing a reference check on internal candidates:

  • It will be much easier for people seeking the promotion or the

reassignment to provide the names of appropriate people to serve as their references, since everyone involved with the process already understands why it’s being done.

  • Offering promotions or reassignments to current employees usually

means that the individual is very familiar with the company and its mode of operation.  This definitely flattens out the learning curve that new employees always must overcome.  This makes in-house promotions and transfers simpler to execute – and less costly.

  • Lastly, the integrity of the exercise will be increased because

there will be a higher level of accountability from references, since everyone involved in the process will know who was being contacted.

This doesn’t guarantee, however, that everything will always be

sweetness and light.  Making sure the internal candidate is the right

person for the job is just as important as it would be in the careful

evaluation of an outside candidate.  It’s just a little easier to carry out

the exercise when it’s somebody who’s already on board.


The only twist that could conceivably be put on the process is if the current boss doesn’t want to lose the internal candidate from his department!  But, then again, that’s why it’s important to contact more than one reference – and it’s also possible that it could be critical for the organization for the candidate to stay where he is!