Background Checks

Here are just a few of the advantages associated with doing a reference check on an internal candidate:

  • The candidate is already an employee of the company.

Therefore, no waiver would be required to discuss job performance with the candidate’s superiors, peers, or subordinates, unless an outside agency is used.  If that’s the case, it would merely require that an authorization form be signed to allow references to be contacted.

  • People asked to serve as references for the candidate seeking

the promotion or reassignment wouldn’t have to be concerned about any no-comment company policy, since it’s totally an internal exercise.  The comments made by references, in other words, would not be leaving the company.  There would be no need to worry about the propriety of offering up honestly held opinions or stating documented facts in an internal reference checking exercise.

  • There would be no question about the legitimacy of the caller

or the purpose of the call.  What could be more straightforward than someone within the HR department talking to someone within the same company?  So, co-workers, superiors, or subordinates asked to serve as references would not only know the purpose of the call, they would also feel more at ease responding to reference questions.  Actually, when you think about it, this exercise isn’t all that different, conceptually, than an ordinary performance review during which input is sought from supervisors to build the actual performance evaluation!