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Customized Background Screening

Our Approach

  • Customized, complete solution—outsource 100% of your screening tasks
  • Easy-to-use, electronic applicant portal with automated client updates
  • Federal and state legislative monitoring for legal accuracy
  • Flexible scheduling works with client workflow

Our Searches and Sources

  • Exhaustive academic and professional checks
  • Comprehensive public data review and media searches
  • Criminal search database with 2,200 national, state and local sources

Our Service

  • Best-in-class, 24/7, U.S.-based customer support
  • Candidate screening at all levels; including Executive Screening Reports
  • Behavioral-based reference interviews with extended reference checking
  • No three-call verification limit—we call until we confirm

Our Team

  • All U.S.-based team of highly qualified screening authorities
  • Highly experienced personnel (average of 10 years’ screening experience)
  • Dedicated solution team resolves applicant data issues
  • Ongoing industry education and training boosts team proficiency