Background Checks

There is a school of thought out there that cheaper and quicker is the best way to check out a prospective employee.  The problem, of course, is the inherent truth in the opposite notion that you get what you pay for – spend as little as possible and get as little as possible.  A credit check, standing alone, clearly doesn’t provide sufficient information upon which to base an employment decision.  I knew an employer who was diminutive of stature.  If anyone significantly taller than this fellow applied for a job, there was no way he would hire that person.  Was that discriminatory?  Probably not, because tall people don’t fall within any federally protected category.

The point is that making a hiring decision based on nothing more than height isn’t all that different from making a hiring decision based only on a credit report.  The principle that more information is always better than less information clearly applies in this instance.

Doing a credit check makes sense as part of a thorough background and reference check – particularly if the position is going to include access to the company cash drawer or checking account, but it never makes sense as the only check done on a candidate for employment – just as basing a hiring decision based on the candidate’s height really makes no sense!